Bilou is a French Artist living in Asia for more than 30 years; currently resident in Thailand.

The natural graphic design of the Zebra inspires my work for

many years a allegories of the human been.

Like human, zebra cannot be tame, the colors and stripes 

represent the different characters and personalities of the


The paintings, generous and seductive, with their vibrant large areas of colors  orin black and white, through their powerful expressivity, brings a fantastic decorative and artistic touch to the canvases;

in the 3D paintings the depth represent the spirituality of the individual.

The Zebra elephant sculpture is an allegory of dissimulation where people pretends to be someone else in there social representation and disguise themselves as someone they are not but a wise man recognize the stripes and therefore their real nature of their personality,

the elephant is on his trunk to show the fragility of this attitude.